Shoe Declaration Form - 2023-24 Season

Athletics Victoria will be enforcing the World Athletics Shoe Rule for the Under 20 and Open age groups at our State Championships and National Permit meets.

All runners wearing non-compliant shoes will still be able to compete but will not be eligible for any State Championships or have their performances ratified for National Records or International Qualifiers.

For a current list of compliant shoes, please download the latest list:

World Athletics Shoe Compliance List

Please complete a separate form for each of your shoes that you intend to wear during competition.

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Athlete Information

Shoe Declaration

a) I will compete in the shoes outlined in this declaration..

b) I will follow the shoe check procedure at the event and understand that, even though the shoes are checked, they could be submitted for further random tests or full testing after I have finished competing;

c) Only shoes checked in accordance with Rule 5 of the Technical Rules and in accordance with the kit and shoe check procedure at the event can be worn. I understand that it is at my risk, if I change my shoes without having them checked;


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