HVC, AV Throwers - Meet 5 & Rare Air - High Jump - Meet 4

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A & B - Races
A - Field Sheets

The above races/field sheets held at HVC/AV Throwers have been be granted World Athletics 'F' Permit status unless otherwise stated.



Seed times must be valid from January 1st 2023. Seed times will be adjusted if entered incorectly, to provide the best quality fields. Windy times (>+2.0) will not be accepted and adjusted to fastest legal time. 



Unless otherwise stated, track athletes will be required to check-in 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time (based on Provisional Timetable). Any athlete who fails to check-in within this time will be automatically scratched.


SHOE DECLARATION – National Permit Meets:

As all HVC meets are National Permit meets, Open & U20 athletes are required to complete an AV online Shoe Declaration Form prior to their first HVC meet. Any State Record, National Record or International qualifying performance will not be ratified without a Shoe Declaration being submitted.

Athletes are to wear shoes that comply with the World Athletics Shoe Rule. For a current list of compliant shoes, please download the latest list: https://worldathletics.org/about-iaaf/documents/technical-information

All Open & U20 Athletes inclusive of Para athletes, attempting a State Record, National Record or International qualifier MUST complete a shoe declaration form prior to participation at an HVC meet.

Please complete the online form HERE prior to the event!


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