Level 3 Performance Development Coach - Days 3&4 - Distance with Rod Griffen & Brent Vallence

30/05/2020 9:00 AM – 31/05/2020 5:00 PM

Pre-Course Work

All participants are required to complete the following modules prior to attending the Level 3 Performance Development Coach course. 

  • Level 1 and 2 Review Exam

  • Level 1 ASADA Education Course

Post-Course Work

All participants are required to complete the following requirements to gain and maintain their coaching accreditation. 

  • Online Modules (Anatomy and Biomechanics, Coaching Process, Nutrition, Sports Psychology, Sports Safety,  Planning and Physiology)

  • Coaching Self-Reflection
  • Post-Course Assessment Task (Part A: Short Answer, Part B: Scenario Response, Part C: Programming)


4-day face to face course

o   Day 1 – Coach Leadership (All coaches to attend)

  •  Self Reflection, Goal setting, Inclusive Coaching Principles, Personality and Coaching Communication


o   Day 2 – Strength and Conditioning (All coaches to attend. RPL:  A Coach that currently holds a Level 1 or above Australian Strength & Conditioning Association accreditation, provides a copy to Athletics Australia and is granted exemption)

  • Gym-based Strength & Conditioning, Reactive Strength, Pool-based Strength & Conditioning, Recovery, Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation 


o   Days 3 & 4 – Event Specific Content Options: (Sprints, Relays & Hurdles/Jumps/Throws/Middle & Long Distance/Race Walking)

  • Event Principles and Theory, Biomotor Development, Drills and Skill Acquisition, Analysis and Feedback, Practical Coaching, Technology Implementation, Micro-, Meso-, and Macro-Cycles


    To be eligible for days 3 and 4, coach must have attended and successfully completed days 1 and 2 or attended day 1 & received RPL for Day 2


Four Day Course:

Course length: Online Modules 3 hours

Teaching Hours: 32 Hours (4 days x 8 hours)

Post-Course Work

Reading: 10 hours+

Online modules: 10 hours

Exam: 3 hours


Expected Competencies

3-PD-1: Design an effective season training program for an athlete targeting entry in the national Junior or Open Championships

3–PD-2: Effectively prepare and deliver warm up, mobility exercises, event-specific drills, strength and conditioning (including plyometrics), active recovery and pool sessions in an athlete’s training program. 

3–PD-3: Prescribe and monitor a training program that develops the biomotor abilities of athletes, with consideration of the priorities of their event group. 

3–PD-4: Understand the roles and responsibilities of athletes and coaches in regards to anti-doping.

3–PD-5: Understand methods to monitor and effectively manage training load for optimal performance and injury prevention.

3–PD-6: Use basic sports psychology techniques to optimise athlete performance. 

3–PD-7: Understand the basics of human anatomy and how it relates to athletic performance. 

3–PD-8: Have an advanced understanding of the selected event-group, including drills, faults, cause and corrections. 

3–PD-9: Use a range of methods, including using technology, to effectively analyse and provide feedback on an athlete’s technical model. 

3–PD-10: Use a range of coaching methods in the preceeding weeks and on the day to prepare an athlete for optimum performance at a target competition. 


Pricing Structure

o   Day 1                                     $165

o   Day 2                                     $165

o   Days 3 & 4                              $330 (for both days)


Level 3 Performance Development Coach RPL details can be found here

Progression: Level 4 Senior IAAF Coach

Maribrynong Sports Academy



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